Expectations for Tonya Harding’s Dancing with The Stars Debut

Okay, people, we are only 9 days away from Tonya Harding’s sure to be spectacular debut on Dancing With the Stars: Athletes. While my money’s on Adam Rippon to take home the mirrorball trophy, my heart will always be #TeamTonya. So what can we expect from Tonya this season? I have some predictions:

Fierce Nails
If there’s one thing you can consistently count on from Tonya, it’s square cut, vibrantly colored nails. Sparkles may or may not be present.


Incredible Soundtrack
Known for her performances to Tone Loc’s “Wild Thing” and the Theme from “Jurassic Park” I fully expect some badass song selections during her dances.


While it is no secret that the judges despised Tonya’s home-made and often-bedazzled costumes, I think DWTS is the moment for her style to really shine.


Some Tumbles
The DWTS competition can be tough and Tonya tends to get in her head when she’s under pressure. When Tonya gets in her head, she falls. Maybe having a partner will benefit Tonya and help her not overthink her lifts.


As one of the 25 million Americans with Asthma, I appreciate Tonya’s transparency with her inhaler use. Also, is she still a smoker? That probably didn’t help…


Success Face
Tonya can’t hide it when she knows she’s done a good job. And who wants her too?? Hope we get to see our girl making a lot of this face!


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