The Baby-Sitters Club: Mary Anne And The Brunettes

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. This theme song is magic. Also, I need to take a moment to let you know that there is a full album available for you to enjoy on YouTube.

So this is the first episode of the series and as such we need to dispense with a few very important titles:
Claudia – Vice President. Anyone who knows The BSC knows that Claudia only got this title because she’s the one who has her own phone line.
Mary Anne – Secretary. I dunno, I guess she has good handwriting? Plus, she’s the only one who is enough of a pushover for Kristy to bully into taking notes at the meetings.
Dawn – Alternate Officer. This sounds like a dumb title you give to someone that you don’t actually trust enough to do any work.
Jessie – Junior Officer. Oh wait, Kristy managed to come up with an even more insulting title than “Alternate Officer.”
Mallory – Other Junior Officer. Oh, God, Mallory. I just know you’ll spend years in a therapist’s office when you grow up. (Please note: There are absolutely no episodes in the series that feature a main story about Mallory.)
Kristy – President (Duh)
Logan – Associate. Not OFFICIALLY in the club but he gets babysitting jobs sometimes.

91s95k5m7sl-_sl1500_Mary Anne asks Logan to babysit with her and all of the girls ooh and ah like it’s a “date,” which for them it probably is because I love The BSC but they’re not exactly the coolest bunch of middle schoolers. Kristy complains about how every boy at school is gross, but this isn’t shocking because I’m 99.99% sure that she’s in the closet.

Also, please note that Logan has a southern accent. This will be relevant later.

Anyway, The BSC + Logan go to the department store to buy art supplies. In the store, they run into a trio of girls, the titular brunettes. One of them, Marci, is out to win lure Logan away from his girlfriend, Mary Anne. While Mary-Anne is in another part of the store, Marci invites Logan to go to a party with her after the upcoming carnival.

hqdefault1Kristy observes this and makes a big deal about it to Mary Anne, who just like doesn’t really care. She completely trusts Logan…that is until Marci comes up to her at the skate park and says she’s looking for Logan. She says he promised to meet her there. The rest of the BSC decides to spy on Logan so they can figure out what’s really going on. But Mary Anne still trusts him and tells them all to chill.

Finally they get to her and she decides to be assertive. But she’s really bad at it. She practices in front of her mirror, but she can’t figure out what to say. So then she like maybe gives up on talking to him? I’m not sure. I guess we have to wait and see how this plays out.

148453_originalHm. So this is interesting. She didn’t confront him. But she also like pushed him away when he asked her if she still wanted him to babysit with her. She was all like “You go have fun at the party. I’ll be fine alone.” MARY ANNE. NO. ugh.

Logan decides to help Mary Anne babysit and she gets all mad at him again. And once again tells him to go to the party. THIS IS LITERALLY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT SHE WANTS.

It take a young Danny Tamberelli (her babysitting charge) to point out the fact that she’s literally telling Logan the opposite of what she wants for her to realize she should probably tell him what’s up.

kathimiddle2When she finally talks to him she realizes that he never agreed to go to the party with Marci. They’re lab partners and Marci just decided to tell everyone they were dating. Creepy. Then Logan and Mary Anne promise each other that they’ll always talk to each other if something bothers them. Omg. So freaking adorable.

After Logan and Mary Anne make up, the rest of the BSC shows up to tell Mary Anne that Logan sucks. (They went to the party and listened to Marci’s lies). Logan is super chill about all the accusations and joins them for a bite to eat.

This episode makes me kind of sad because the dude is level-headed and the girls are kinda dramatic and gossipy. But…it does seem pretty accurate to my memories of middle school. Plus, Mary Anne wasn’t a gossipy accuser. She just needed to learn how to be more upfront with her feelings. Ugh. Don’t we all.

Very Special Lesson: Don’t listen to GOSSIP.

Fun Fact: Danny Tamberelli and Michael Maronna, who played Big Pete to Tamberelli’s Little Pete on The Adventures of Pete and Pete have a podcast?!?


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