The Rugrats Reboot Is Terrifying (These Shoes Are Cute Tho)…

In yet another reboot we never asked for, Paramount+ gives us scary CGI Tommy, Chuckie, Phil, Lil, and ANGELICA. She’s even scarier now if that were even possible! I won’t post photos here because I’m not looking to traumatize anyone.

In better news, Puma is releasing a Rugrats collab next week and it actually looks pretty cute. You can preview the collection here (and in the shot below).

PHOTO: PUMA and Nickelodeon team up to celebrate "Rugrats" 30th anniversary with new collection.

2 thoughts on “The Rugrats Reboot Is Terrifying (These Shoes Are Cute Tho)…

  1. I’m still on the fence about this reboot. They still aren’t as creepy as what happened to Bob the Builder, and I’m really happy they brought back the Mothersbaughs for the soundtrack, but I’m concerned as to what the series is actually going to be. I was really happy to see the opening credits are very similar to the original, though.
    As for those shoes, absolutely need! I’m a little concerned that I’m not seeing them in grown up sizes. Hopefully they fix that before the release because, again, need!

    1. That GMA article made it sound like there would be shoes in grown up sizes but the Puma page itself definitely seems to have kids shoes predominantly. Hope there will be more posted on the 4th!

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