Breaking News: Full House Revival!

We interrupt regularly scheduled programming to inform you that TV Guide is reporting a Full House revival a la Girl Meets World (but hopefully 75,000 times better). All of the original cast members are attached to the revival except for Lori Loughlin (Aunt Becky) and unsurprisingly Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen.

What do you think they’ll do about the Michelle’s absence?
–Another freak horseback riding except this time she did not fair so well?
–Will they go meta and explain her estrangement from the family by saying she’s too busy with her burgeoning fashion career to hang out in a San Francisco row house? 

Or if Michelle does show up, how will they explain that? MK & A cannot play the same character these days. They look vastly different from one another!
–Will they recast?
–Maybe Michelle has an alter-ego that we only see in dream sequences. If so, who will be the main Michelle? Mary-Kate? Ashley? Oh who am I kidding, neither of them will ever sign on for this.

I also hope that Uncle Jesse’s children are not involved. Those kids were SO annoying. I wish he and Aunt Becky could have simply been childless. There were enough kids in that house already and that attic was way too small for a family of four. 

4 thoughts on “Breaking News: Full House Revival!

  1. John Stamos is arguably a bigger celebrity now then MK & A and yet he still shows up to these things. He puts in the work. He is not above it. Not that I even want to see them on my TV but, why do they think they’re better than Full House? That was the best work they’ve done. And that’s coming from a huge Dualstar, straight to video, fan. They need to let it go already.

    1. Honestly, I feel like MK & A can totally ditch Full House if they so choose. They were babies who became mega-child stars for a show that they were babies on. It would totally suck and be really insulting to everyone else involved if they think they’re “better than” Full House, but if they want to hang out in the background and design their clothes or whatever, then I don’t hold it against them.

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