Sabrina the Teenage Witch: A Halloween Story

For witches Halloween is a high holy day, obvi. Hilda and Zelda start off the day by singing “Halloween Carols” like “Have a Jolly Jolly Jolly Halloween.” They’re really fun songs and if they were real and had more verses, I would go Halloween Caroling with this material. This is the first season so Sabrina is really lame about being a witch. She’s not even into Halloween.

You can tell that’s a stand-in wearing a wig. MJH’s hair is way better than that.

But it just so happens that Harvey is having a Halloween party. Of course, she wants to go but Halloween is a high holy day, remember? And those are meant to be spent with family. So Sabrina does the only reasonable thing possible: she clones herself so she can be in two places at once. She wants her double to be really friendly and likeable, so she only equips her with phrases like “That is so true”and “I’d love to.”

Double Sabrina goes to Harvey’s party while real Sabrina goes to a Halloween party in the Other Realm. I’d have to say that Sabrina got this backwards and she should have sent the double to the other realms, but Hilda tries to send a double to the other realm and Zelda sees straight through it. So it looks like Sabrina made the right choice.

Or maybe not. Real-Sabrina is forced to sit a the kid’s table with her cousin, Amanda (played by Melissa Joan Hart’s real life sister). Amanda is a spoiled brat who puts people she doesn’t like in jars (with air holes luckily). It doesn’t take long for Sabrina to become her latest victim. Oh yeah and things aren’t going to great for clone Sabrina either. She’s agreed to streak to liven up the party. Clone Sabrina has no problem with this, but I have to assume that real Sabrina will. Harvey tries to talk Clone Sabrina out of streaking, but she can only utter like 3 sentences, so he just walks away confused and frustrated.

But Sabrina does get a cool gift from her aunts for Halloween. (It’s basically like Christmas in the witch world, I think.) She gets something called a “reanimation” and is allowed to spend 30 minutes with the deceased-person of her choice. Kinda creepy sounding, I know. But she chooses her grandmother and her grandma looks lovely and normal and not at all corpse-like. It’s really a sweet concept.

After they get home from the family party, Sabrina decides to skip the rest of Harvey’s party and stay-in to read letters from her grandmother instead. But Salem warns her not to “leave a double running around.” Sabrina gets to the house right at the same time that Clone Sabrina is streaking, which leaves everyone in the party thinking that Libby is the streaker (since she’s outside with Clone Sabrina). Libby is a jerk, but I kind of do feel bad for her here.

Halloween Lesson: Don’t suggest that other people streak unless you’re willing to do it yourself.

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