Just One More Minute and Then I’ll Shut Up About Reboots…

1. I should turn off this Google Alert situation but…


Other things of note: Xena isn’t the only reboot with an LGBTQ take on a classic. Remember, Heathers and how I not so long ago said there was no way in hell they could make that show interesting for me? Well, I may have spoken too soon. Here’s the scoop according to Washington Blade:
Heather Chandler – The “Queen Bee” Heather will be overweight.
Heather McNamara – The “Dumb Blonde” Heather will be a black lesbian.
Heather Duke -The “Wannabee” (or “green with envy” if you like the color commentary) Heather will be gender-queer.
So since all of the Heathers possess qualities that would have made the OG Heathers rip them to shreds and ruin their entire existence, I’m kind of interested to see this world in which the cool kids don’t fit the classic trope. But this will only work if it’s sincere and not just some ill-fated gimmick.

Also, MacGyver cast this dude as MacGyver and he’s so cute that I just might be on board with that reboot too. What’s happening to me??? His name is Lucas Till and I love him (even though I just learned who he is). Thank you Google Alerts.nep0shttippdup_1_c

4 thoughts on “Just One More Minute and Then I’ll Shut Up About Reboots…

  1. OMG, an All That Reunion!!! I accidentally taught the three-year-old to say, “Repairman, man, man,” when he was about a year-and-a-half, if that’s any indication of my love for the show. Also, the only thing know about Lucas Till is he was the love interest in the Hannah Montana movie. But from that picture he looks like a good fit for Macgyver.

    1. Which one Xena or Heathers? Xena was definitely homoerotic. I feel like heathers wasn’t (except for the past that JD and Veronica staged). Either way, being open about homosexuality is a “new take” as compared with the mere suggestion of it.

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