Happy Morning

Guys, I’m feeling pretty bummed out. I feel like my Roseanne post was a total sadfest (and you can blame that on my lack of diligence for searching out shows that start with the letter R). But I’m also bummed out because I feel like we keep relieving “the day the music died” over and over again.

It’s sad any time someone whose talent we love and appreciate dies, but the sheer number of LEGENDS we’ve lost in the past few years is bring me down major. So I’d like to just take a moment to share my happy place with you.

My happy place exists somewhere between bubble gum pop, R&B, and early 80’s new wave. I also cannot function in the morning and I need like a sheer rush of joy to even get enough momentum to make myself a cup of coffee. I don’t usually wake up early enough to even listen to this playlist anymore, so I think it will always remind me of making the trek from Brooklyn to Manhattan with my fellow commuters. Nothing’s quite like watching the morning sun sparkle over the Brooklyn Bridge. Anyway, I hope it brightens your day and that you all have very happy mornings!

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