Sabrina the Teenage Witch: Murder on the Halloween Express

Poorsabrina Sabrina, she can’t find anything fun to do for Halloween. Luckily, Salem has a brochure for a Halloween train ride, and Sabrina decides to take her friends along for the ride. Unfortunately, none of her friends are interested in going because they think “whodunit” mystery games are lame.

It turns out that they are not wrong. The train is super run down and lacks heat. It also turns out that the train is actually an Other Realm express train, and the only way Sabrina can stop her friends from reaching the Other Realm is to solve the mystery as quickly as possible. Also, it is suddenly the 1920’s and everyone has on really cool costumes.

Sounds easy enough, right? Wrong, Sabrina cannot even win a game of Clue. And in a Groundhog Day twist, she has to solve the mystery or be forced into repeating the exact same series of events forever. Luckily, Sabrina’s aunts and her trust cat, Salem track down the train ansabrina2d climb aboard. Then Salem solves the murder, Sherlock Holmes style. And in a surprise twist ending, Sabrina (the detective) is shocked to learn that Sabrina herself is the murderer.

At the end of the episode everyone is super sleepy and has no memory of the night. Only Harvey guesses that this night had something to do with witchcraft and he keeps it a secret from everyone else because he is her one true love and ugh I hated when she dated Josh.

Halloween Lesson: Don’t go on trips without figuring out where you’re going first.

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