The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone

FlintstoneDDid you know what Halloween dates all the way back to prehistoric times? They also had Let’s Make a Deal, which is how Wilma and Fred win a romantic vacation to Count Rockula’s castle. It’s sort of like if the Flintstones ended up inside a Scooby-Doo castle but Barney Rubble was the only one who was scared of it. And that, friends, is how we begin this thrilling, prehistoric-Halloween special.

At a Halloween-a-goo-goo party the real Count Rockula (who has not been seen for years) appears at the castle and scares off all of the guests, except for the Flintstones and the Rubbles who got tired and went to bed early. Unfortunately, for Wilma she looks exactly like the Bride of Rockula, and the count kidnaps her while Fred is lookinFlintstoneBg for a midnight snack.

Now, Fred and The Rubbles must track down Wilma in the spooky castle, which involves some Mystery Team like antics, such as hiding in barrels next to each other whilst attempting to escape Frankestone (Rockula’s monster). Except, Fred gets stuck inside one of the barrels, which I don’t remember every happening to a member of The Mystery Team. Also, if Frankenstone is supposed to be a play on Frankenstein, then shouldn’t he just be Monster? Frankenstein was the doctor not the monster…but I digress.

Anyway, Fred’s in the barrel, stuck and Frankenstone catches him just as he manages to escflinstoneAape. The others flee and Fred is left alone to explain himself. His best attempt at a self-defense is to say that he is moonlighting as a barrel inspector, but Rockula does not buy it. Fred is lucky to have such smart friends because Barney and Wilma decide to scare away a Halloween monster by pretending to be other Halloween monsters. Turns out Rockula is totally scared of Barney dressed as a werewolf. Then Barney ends up being totally scared of Wilma dressed as a mummy (they didn’t communicate their costume plans effectively to one another).

Then the Flinstones and the Rubbles escape to a hidden room like they are Nancy Drew in The Mystery of the 99 Steps, only to have to escape before Rockula finds the spare key, so they discover a secret passage like they are in Clue. But ultimately they have to slide down an elaborate slide like they are in The Goonies before they finally escape the bad guys. So you’re probably wondering why Rockula does not simply turn into a prehistoric-bat and pursue them as they flee in their foot-powered car? Well, Barney fakes him out by pretending to be a rooster, so Rockula quickly retreats to his coffin.

But the Count is so obsessed with Wilma that he flies through her kitchen window later that night and begs her to marry FlintsoneChim. He’s a pretty lame vampire-creature because it seems that he cannot just bite her neck and get it over with. Wilma is such a quick thinker though that she accepts his proposal and then drives him away by throwing a bunch of day to day marriage chores at him. He’s overwhelmed by the thought of driving Pebbles to school, so he decides to leave Wilma alone forver.

Halloween Lesson: You can’t stay up and fly around all night when you’re married.

P.S. I’ve really been feeling the fun facts lately, so here are a couple of cool things about The Flintstones.
–The Flinstones was inspired by the classic, early sitcom The Honeymooners. Jackie Gleason even considered suing the show because Fred Flintsone’s voice sounded too similar to the one he used as Ralph in The Honeymooners.
–There are a few Flinstone theme parks around the world, including ones in Arizona and South Dakota.

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